BSC 2016 (Beeway Systems Coin Recycler)

by Beeway Systems


The 'BSC 2016' is designed for organizations that handle high volumes of cash transactions as part of their day-to-day operation. Optimal for retail organizations with multiple till drawers at start and end of shift, the 'BSC 2016' enables cashiers to begin their shift by dispensing coins and notes authorized for their own till drawer. At end-of-shift, cashiers can drop their coins and notes back into the system for final ‘bank out.’The integrated coin recycler automatically counts bulk coins deposited into the system tray, which automatically counts and places each coin into its respective coin hopper.

By automating cash management functions, the 'BSC 2016' minimizes counting errors and shrink, allowing retail organizations to focus on their business, and not counting cash.

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● Coins are dispensed at a rate of 8 coins per second per hopper

● Coins are counted, validated and recycled at a rate of up to 60 coins per minute

● 8 coin hoppers; each hopper can hold: 1,300 (25¢), 3,400 (10¢), 1,700 (5¢) and 2,600 (1¢)

● Typical till drawer is dispensed in less than 30 seconds

● System connectivity via data cables (provided with system)

● All bulk coin dispensing and recycling transactions are completely auditable and managed by individual user PIN

● Easy to use start-of-shift, till filling function

● Buy Change function allows for the exchange of a note for bulk change

● Audible alarm in vault door

● Advanced accounting features allow for extensive list of reports

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