BSD 2016 (Beeway Systems Depositor)

by Beeway Systems


The 'BSD 2016' is designed for retail organizations that have a need to dispense a high volume of notes, using a secure and auditable process. The 'BSD 2016' supports three or four cassettes, with each cassette capable of storing up to 1,800 notes. The system has the capability to dispense up to 7 notes per second. More than one cassette can be used for the same note denomination.

Dispensing notes and accessing the note cassettes are completely auditable and managed by individual user PIN. Note dispensing limits can be set on a per individual basis.

The 'BSD 2016' is ideal for filling till drawers at start-of-shift, check cashing, debit card cash back, till drawer replenishment, and making change from large notes.

The 3-cassette 'BSD 2016' measures 30.75” high, making it ideally suited to be placed under a retail store counter.

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● Supports 3 or 4 cassettes

● Each cassette has 1,800 note capacity

● 3 cassette system designed to fit under retail store counter

● Dispenses at 7 notes per second

● System connectivity via data cables (provided with system)

● Audible alarm in vault door

● Allows use of multiple cassettes for a single denomination

● Warning given if note count reaches low threshold limit

● System connectivity via data cables (provided with system)

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